Taxi drivers congest downtown Toronto to protest Uber

By Nicole Williams

Tempers flared during a big protest involving Toronto cab drivers.

Thousands of taxi drivers converged downtown to protest the unregulated operations of ride sharing app UberX.

Earlier this fall, Toronto city council passed a bylaw allowing UberX to operate it Toronto, but under the conditions of driving under the same licensing rules that govern the taxi industry.

City council asked Uber to suspend it services until the rules for sharing the road had been established.

But Uber has continued its services, and taxi drivers say they’re angry at city council and Mayor John Tory for not taking action.

“We didn’t want to do this but we have no choice. This is a must. We will do this until John Tory resigns or UberX is out of Toronto,” said one┬áTaxi Cab representative.

Another taxi driver┬ásaid the purpose of the demonstrations is to cause traffic on Toronto’s busiest streets.

“It’s the only way we will be heard,” they said.

Taxi driver Javid Wadi said it all comes from frustration.

“We’re tired of the double-standards, one for the poor and one of the rich,” said Wadi.

Taxi drivers also say their income has decreased up to half since the introduction of UberX.


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