Ontario police release report on missing and murdered indigenous peoples

By Nicole Williams

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is wasting no time in fulfilling his campaign promise to launch an official investigation into missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada.

Wednesday the Ontario Provincial Police announced their own report on the missing women in their own jurisdiction.

The report covers cases from the past 60 years.

Eight cases of murdered women remain unsolved, as well as one case of a murdered male.

Commissioner Vince Hawkes says the report is also about repairing the relationship between Ontario Police and the Aboriginal peoples of Ontario.

“A concern is how we deal with issues in First Nations communities, and that’s where our native awareness training comes in,” said Hawkes.

“We’re in a position to really open our eyes to what’s needed and our officers need to understand the culture.”

Ontario Regional First Nations Chief Isadore Day was quick to remind the OPP of the mistrust and lack of confidence between native communities and the Ontario police.

“We need to address racism, point blank,” said Day. “It’s going to take a lot of work.”

Deputy Chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Denise Stonefish said the report should be about humanizing the victims.

“I want to compel everyone to ask themselves, ‘Who is she?'” said Stonefish.

The OPP say they recognize this report is just a first step in repairing the relationship between themselves and the indigenous peoples of Ontario.

They say their hope is that this report will open up the lines of communication that were before now closed.

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