TTC to expand Presto to all transit

By Nicole Williams

There were lots of smiles and handshakes Thursday¬†morning as TTC Chair Josh Colle was joined by MP’s Steven Del Duca and Adam Vaughan to introduce the rollout of the Presto tap-and-go payment system

The TTC announced they plan to have all streetcars, buses and subway stations outfitted for Presto by the end of 2016.

The TTC say that this will improve customer convenience by streamlining methods of payment across the GTHA.

It’s a much needed upgrade to a system that has both customers and employees fumbling over coins and tokens.

“We collect cash, we store it, we transfer it, we have to secure, we have to support floors and beams just to be able to hold it all,” said Colle.

But the process won’t be without its challenges.

“The integration of the price point is a tricky piece,” said Spadina-Fort York MP Adam Vaughan.

“Each municipality subsidizes to a different degree.”

This means that the TTC and government will have to work closely with these municipalities over the next year if they hope to make this system successful.

But if Presto can manage to re-route drivers from their own vehicles to streetcars, it could be the much needed improvement for a city desperate for better transit.

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